Visit Malaysia: Underwater World, Langkawi

Did you know that South Africa has penguins? Or did you know that Arctic has no penguins or any other indigenous living creature? Those are the things that I learnt when I visited Underwater World in Langkawi recently.

I was in Langkawi a few weeks back for work purposes. It was my third visit in three years time and my countless visit overall to Langkawi.  But there is one attraction that I have always wanted to visit but never had the chance to – the Underwater World Langkawi.

I am lucky to have my school friend working there. He asked the Public Relations officer on my behalf and I was given two complimentary tickets to enter Underwater World Langkawi.

Underwater World Langkawi is a very huge complex. Upon entering, there is a reptilium section where all the cool blooded creatures are displayed and aquariums housing several types of fish. I was fascinated seeing those creatures up close.

The real fun started when I continued onto the tropical rainforest section. The section is very well-maintained and I felt the humidity in the area as if I was in a real tropical rainforest. Birds are being let free and flamingos lining up the pond. Beware – never try to feed the animals here as it is against the rules!

I then continued my journey to the temperate section where a sea lion was swimming happily in the aquarium. It was satisfying seeing the sea lion swim freely in the aquarium. At least they do not have to entertain human spectators as their peers in the zoo. At least they seem free to swim whenever they wanted.

For me, the real highlight at Underwater World Langkawi is the penguin sections, consisting of African penguins and rockhopper penguins. The exhibition area is huge and there are many information being put on display.

Children and adults alike can learn a lot of things about the penguins apart from enjoying their cuteness. Plus, there is a tunnel underneath where visitors can see the penguins swimming inside the confinement.

I have never been to such a place before. I always have a reservation about zoos and aquariums thinking that the animals are not in their natural habitat and they might be treated unfairly and prone to abuse. However, my visit to Underwater World Langkawi has proved me wrong.

The aquariums are huge and the fish, penguins and other animals are free to swim/roam freely inside the confinement. They are being well-fed and visitors can see them during feeding time:

Animal Feeding Sessions 
African Penguin        11:00 am and 2:45 pm daily
Rockhopper Penguin      11:15 am and 3:00 pm daily
Furseal 02:30 pm daily
Tunnel Tank 03:30 pm daily

Not to forget the various information being put on display means that a lot of things can be learnt if we take some time reading the info boards while having a closer look at the sea creatures and other animals that call Underwater World Langkawi as their home.

My visit was a fruitful visit. Underwater World Langkawi has a lot to offer. If there is anything that Underwater World Langkawi has taught me, it taught me that man made attraction can also be fun if we go with an open mind, with an intention to learn something new.

Opening hours:

Exhibition/Display Areas 
Daily                  10:00 am – 06:00 pm
Public/School Holidays 09:30 am – 06:30 pm

Entrance fees:

Entrance Fees
Adults RM43 (without MyKad) / RM33 (with MyKad)
Children (3-12 years old)        RM33 (without MyKad) / RM23 (with MyKad)
Malaysian Senior Citizens (50 years old & above)   RM26 (with MyKad)
Goverment Rate Adults RM26 and Children RM18. One (1) Government I.D. Card entitles for two (2) adults and two (2) children.


Underwater World Langkawi is located at Pantai Cenang, the most famous beach strip in Langkawi. Opening hours and entrance fees as above.

I would like to thank Nurzairul Izwan and Siti Raudhah Shaari of Underwater World Langkawi for the opportunity to visit UWL. Please note that the views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine.

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