Khairul Idzwan (fondly known as Kai) was born on 22nd May 1987 in the small town of Klang in Malaysia. When he was little, his family used to bring him for a short getaways all around Malaysia. However, he did not really go for travel adventures until 2011, when he finally got bitten by travel bug by having his first solo backpacking trip to Thailand for a week. Since then, he has been to almost all the countries in ASEAN and is planning for more travel adventures either solo or with his wife whom he got married to in August 2015.

Currently, he blogs at Kaki Jalans and manages several other social media platforms under the brand name – Kaki Jalans. He blogs and travels for passion.


For any media or advertising opportunity, events coverage relating to travel and tourism, accommodations reviews, airlines reviews, sponsored trips, media familiarization trips, or any other inquiries, please have a look at this media kit and feel free to send an email to jomjalans[at] kakijalans.com or kairulizwan [at] gmail.com.

48 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi greeting from Indonesia here :)
    I read your story about your ancestor from Java in Timothy’s blog. From what part in Java your grandpa came from?

    1. Actually not my grandpa. My great grandpa was from Java. But I am not sure from which area he came from.

      One thing I know is that I still have an uncle living in Yogjakarta. He is the cousin of my dad where his dad is my late grandmother’s brother but from a different mother. Confusing isn’t it? Haha.

      I was told that he is an important person in Indonesia but I am not sure what his position is. His name is Slamet Riyanto bin Salamun.

    1. Aja, Khai ni bestfriend adik abang. Dasat ni mamat ni. Lawyer tau. Haa.

      Khai, Aja ni pembaca tegar blog abang a.k.a girlfriend Qaid. Haha.

      1. Mana ada dasat Aja. Saje je abang Faiz ni Hehe.. Oh, patutlah tengok kat FB mutual friend Aja abang. Hehe

  2. Bro….thanks for the nice blog…really give me input…anyway how much cost of your backpackers to Bangkok?? Me is still in making budget…hope get an estimate cost from you…thank you…

    1. You’re welcome bro! :) All in seminggu tu tak sampai RM 1,000.00 pun. Roughly dalam RM 800. Sebab tak naik flight. Masa kat sana naik bas, kalau tren pulak ambil yg paling murah. Satu lagi, kalau naik MRT/BTS, cuba beli tourist pass mcm Singapore pny tu. Lg jimat kalau nak byk jalan. I did not buy the pass then sbb tak tahu. Dah balik Malaysia baru tau.

      Bila nak ke Bangkok? The place is really nice. Mesti rasa nak datang blk. Hehe

  3. hi, just wondering if you happen to know anyone who has been on a journey from KL to Vietnam via thailand and laos.. on land.

    1. hi!

      To be honest, I don’t know. I just know this one girl who did overland journey from KL to Bangkok to Cambodia. Not to Vietnam. Anyway, if you wanna take train to do the overland journey, you can check this website : http://www.seat61.com. It is really useful. :)

  4. hai khai..

    thanks sebab memblog segala aktiviti backpack. memang best and really informative. actually i baru try to backpack. first time backpack try pegi singapore dengan adik. then solo trip to bandung. looking forward to bangkok. insyaallah soon! so solo trip u kat thai ni will be my main reference sebab i pun nak tour via train from ipoh. thanks angain!

    1. alhamdulillah, memang seronok dapat travel kan? :D … bila nak ke Bangkok? kongsi la cerita nanti ya? hehe. insyaAllah tak ada apa-apa lah. ke Bangkok nanti solo ke atau dengan teman2?

    1. salam.. terima kasih fatimah sudi baca blog ni :)

      nak contact abg, add abg kt facebook Khairul Idzwan Kamarudzaman. atau x pun fatimah Like page fb blog ni, lepas tu boleh tny kat wall. apa yg abg boleh tlg, abg tolong :)

  5. Salam..enjoy ur blog, so far saya banyak ber ROAD TRIP dgn family around Malaysia & Thailand..baru blajor berBLOG,so banyak photos dari tulisan ..hehehe cos ‘a pict speaks a thousand words'(yg btol nyer malas & kurang idea!)

  6. Good morning, Khai! I am Leo from Vietnam.

    By chance that I know about your blog, and how interesting your blog is! I love it!

    Enjoy ur blog! :D

    P/s: You’re living in Malaysia now?

    1. Good morning!

      Ah Vietnam! I’ve been to Chau Doc once, from Phnom Penh ;)

      Thank you very much for liking it! Appreciate it a lot.

      Yes, I live in Malaysia now ;)

      1. Wow! It’s great to know you’ve been to Vietnam!

        Come again, and I will show you more than Chau Doc (LOL! But I am not kidding, there are many beautiful places in Vietnam and I believe that you wiil love them!)

        I am planning to travel to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur – Penang) in this year. Hope that I can make my dream come true ^^

        So nice to meet you! :D

        Have a nice week!

      2. Yeah, definitely I will come again. I know Vietnam is huge and I really wanted to go to the northern part as I’ve heard it is beautiful there.

        Hey, let me know if you are coming to Kuala Lumpur. I can host you [am a CouchSurfing member] and can show you around ;)

  7. Wow! It’s great to know you’ve been to Vietnam!

    Come again, and I will show you more than Chau Doc (LOL! But I am not kidding, there are many beautiful places in Vietnam and I believe that you wiil love them!)

    I am planning to travel to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur – Penang) in this year. Hope that I can make my dream come true ^^

    So nice to meet you! :D

    Have a nice week!

  8. Salam Khai, thanks for the like, appreciate it very much. I am looking forward to reading your adventures :-)

  9. Hola

    This is Be Hostels from Barcelona, writing you with an invitation! We had a look to your travel blog and we like it a lot! If you are planning to come to our beautiful city Barcelona (Spain), we want to invite to sleep for free at Be Hostels.

    Our proposal is that you include your opinion about our Hostels in the article you write about Barcelona!

    What do you think about the idea?

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    Keep traveling, Keep smiling! :-)

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    1. Bro saya lagi teruja baca blog bro!!

      Kalau ada motor memang teringin nak buat. Dulu ada plan dengan kawan, bawak moto dia, tapi tak jadi2.

      Tahniah bro! Bukan senang nak dapat pengalaman tu kan? :Pergi plain of jar semua… Nice! :)

  10. as salam…good blog written so far…bnyk info yg dikongsi, thanks..btw ada whatssp tak? nk tanya few info ttg trip to Bkk…

    1. w’salam

      terima kasih bro!

      kalau nk tny msg kt grup FB ‘The Best Things In Life’ lg senang bro. gi kat facebook.com/kairulizwan2 :)

  11. I really like the current theme/layout of your blog (Cubic Theme), Khai. I am thinking of using it myself, if you don’t mind… I am getting a little bored with my own theme on my own site.

    1. I love it too!

      Haha. No worries I don’t mind at all. After all, since we both have a lot of photos, this layout is the best way to maximise the display of the photos. ;D

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