Visit Malaysia: Kampung Sungai Lima Fishing Village, Klang

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I still remember what Life Out of the Box (LOOTB) told me before: “getting out of the box can be done no matter where you are, even in your own back yard“. To explore our own backyard and to be surprised by what we might find there. The best kept secret, sometimes lies in our own backyard instead of thousand of miles away.

Wooden houses where caught fishes are kept before being distributed.

When I joined #TSbreakaway program, organized by Tourism Selangor, we were brought to some of the best kept secrets in our own backyard, in the state of Selangor. One of the places that we went to was Pulau Ketam and nearby Pulau Ketam lies a small, quaint fishing village, accessible only by boat – Kampung Sungai Lima (Sungai Lima Fishing Village).

A rustic fishing village, still save from development.

Many people go to Brunei to see Kampung Ayer as for many travellers, the sight of houses built on stilts is something bizarre and must be included in the itinerary. However, unknown to many, the houses in Kampung Sungai Lima (and Pulau Ketam for that matter) are built on stilts. In fact, I found their lives to be more interesting since both Pulau Ketam and Kampung Sungai Lima are far from the mainland.

Though quiet, I found this place to be interesting.

Kampung Sungai Lima is not accessible by road. Although located on Pulau Ketam, a boat is needed to go here. I went to Kampung Sungai Lima after a visit to the fish pond. Upon arriving at the jetty, the evening breeze greeted me and gently brushed my face. It was so quiet at the jetty area. No sounds of human activities and the cloudy weather added up to the mood.

One of the striking colour houses.

Together with other participants, I walked along the jetty into the village area. Like Pulau Ketam, motorized vehicles are not allowed, leaving bicycles and electric bicycles as the alternatives for the residents. The village has a few eateries and in one of the eateries, I saw uncles, some topless, having a yum-cha (tea drinking and hanging out) session together.

I call this “The Brothers”.

A unique attribution in this village is the colour of the houses. Though made from wood, the houses were repainted, giving them a fresh coat of striking colour. They looked nice, but still couldn’t hide the fact that this place is dying.

Only bicycles and electric bicycles allowed.

Dying because most of the people who stay here are the elderly. It does not help too that the main source of income for the villagers is fishing, and the younger generation is not interested in the activity anymore. Many of them have migrated to the mainland to seek for better jobs.

Sitting on the wooden platform facing the mangrove swamp on the opposite side, maybe I can brush my writing skills here. Lol.

Nevertheless, looking at the quietness of the place, I found it peaceful here. I could imagine myself renting one of the homestays available and writing blog posts after another, accompanied by the smell of fresh seafood and the breezy air. In fact, whilst walking on the wooden platform overlooking the lush mangrove swamp, I said to myself, I will return to this place someday.

I don’t want to be cliched. Honestly, I don’t know what’s in this uncle’s mind.

Kampung Sungai Lima is not your typical island beach holiday. But it is worth a visit here to see houses built on stilts, to see how simple the locals live and also to appreciate what we have on the mainland.


To go to Kampung Sungai Lima, drive to Port Klang KTM station or take the KTM Komuter train to Port Klang station. Proceed to Jeti Pulau Ketam. Hop on the [air-conditioned] ferry heading to Pulau Ketam [RM 7 one way]. Alight at the Sungai Lima jetty. 

For ferry schedule to Kampung Sungai Lima, click here.


Thank you to Tourism Selangor for organizing the event, Canon for the camera loaned to me, Mr. Song Sung Hwan & MPK for the visit, and each and everyone who had contributed to the awesome experience. Check out for further info.

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  1. Beautiful photos, we love this post!! So glad to see that you explored out of the box in your own backyard. Look at all of the amazing things your found, you are LOOTB Khai :)

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