#kakijalansrecommends: Where to Eat in Singapore

One of my readers commented on my Instagram account, asking for recommendations on where to eat in Singapore. Well, there are a lot of interesting places to eat in Singapore but of course, I have not been to all. In this post, I will recommend several places worth to go based on my personal experiences. So, where to eat in Singapore?

 1. Kampong Glam Cafe

This cafe is actually a restaurant selling mixed rice with a lot of traditional Malay dishes. It is strategically situated at Bussorah Street, near Sultan Mosque and Istana Kampong Glam. Despite located near tourist attractions area, the price at Kampong Glam Cafe is really cheap and affordable. I have tried their sambal ayamsambal belacanbegedil and other dishes – they are all so delicious. Really recommended. For more info, click here.

2. Zam Zam Restaurant

Zam Zam’s briyani and beef murtabak!

This restaurant might be a little bit too mainstream for some, but mainstream does not mean that they are not good. Satisfy your crave for Indian Muslim food at Zam Zam Restaurant as their briyani rice and Singapore murtabak will surely gratified your taste bud. This restaurant is situated on Arab Street, not far from Kampong Glam Cafe. More info about the restaurant here.

3. Rumah Makan Minang

Another restaurant situated near the vicinity of the above two restaurants, Rumah Makan Minang is located opposite Sultan Mosque and near the side entrance of the Malay Heritage Centre. As its name suggests, Rumah Makan Minang specializes in Indonesian food, specifically Minang food i.e. Nasi Padang. Here, you can order and taste food like botok-botok, paru belado, ayam belado and sotong masak hitam. Visit their website for more info.

4. Qi Ji

$6.50. Cheap and yummy!

Qi Ji is my personal favourite. I accidentally stumbled upon this restaurant when I was hanging out alone at NEX Serangoon. I tried their nasi lemak and since then, I know that despite their fast food concept, they surely do not compromise on quality. On my recent trip to Singapore in April 2017, my family and I went to their branch at Bugis and guess what? Their nasi lemak is still delicious (and their fried chicken is so huge!), the laksa is delicious and the mee siam – simply astonishing! Visit their website here.

5. Changi Village Food Centre

Image from http://belaroundtheworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Mizzy-Corner-1024×787.jpg

I have been to Changi Village Food Centre before, after coming back from Pulau Ubin. There are a lot of food stalls and one of the best nasi lemak in Singapore can be found here. The more famous stall is Mizzy Corner but there are other stalls worth trying too.

So, what is you favourite restaurant in Singapore? 


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