Hotel Review: Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – Where to Stay

“1 unread message”. I quickly opened my Facebook messenger to see who messaged me. “Seeties” – the title says. I was so nervous while opening the email. Is this winner’s notification of a competition that I joined a few weeks back?

Indeed it was. I won a night’s getaway and I got to choose where to stay from several hotels listed and after due consideration, I chose the  Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Majestic Hotel is very near to my office. Just a mere 5 minutes walk. I always dream to stay in this hotel but I know it is not easy because this is such a luxurious hotel. It is a privilege that I was given the chance to stay in this hotel even for a night.

This hotel is centrally located near KL Sentral, the major transportation hub in Kuala Lumpur and the old KL Railway Station. It is also situated near all the major attractions in Kuala Lumpur.

It was Merdeka eve and I decided to bring my mom and my sister to stay at the hotel together with me. Check-in was really smooth. I gave the printed confirmation email to the receptionist and after pre-authorizing the credit card for deposit, I was given the key to my room.

I was given a room at the tower wing i.e. the new part of the hotel, the other being the Majestic wing. Though it was new, the wing was elegantly built and it blended nicely with the original building.

Upon entering the room, I was so delighted and smiled. The room was very huge. Like very, very huge. There are working desk, dining table, sofa and living area, a large bed as well as a chaise lounge sofa. It is very thoughtful to put the working desk at a corner so that if one is doing works, it will not disturb others who want to watch the television or sleep.

I walked a little bit further and the usual coffee and tea (premium ones) are provided and they even provide snacks such as nuts and pistachios. Even the minibar was well-stocked.

I tried the bed before proceeding further and oh my God! The bed was so comfortable! I could feel the comfort of the mattress and the spring supporting my weight. The pillows were also fluffy. Had not I get up from the bed to check the bathroom, I might fall asleep on the bed.

The bathroom is also large. There is a stand alone bathtub and a television with its own remote control. Meaning that if I want to have a bubble bath, I can have one without sacrificing my favourite TV shows. There are also a toilet and a shower room with power shower.

The toiletries were of high quality and the hotel provided 2 sets of them. The smell of the body bath and the shampoo was really, really nice.

Initially, I thought that the toilet wall is a see-through wall. After checking, there was a curtain provided to give more privacy to those in the bathroom.

That night, I had a very sound sleep.

The morning after, I was so lazy to get out of the bed for breakfast because as I said, the bed was very comfortable.

Nevertheless, I still wake up and tried the buffet breakfast. One word for the buffet breakfast: awesome! The choices were limitless. There were so many choices be it the main dishes, yogurts, cereals, desserts, drinks. It was the best buffet breakfast that I have ever had.

After breakfast, I had the liberty to walk around the hotel to see what this majestic hotel had to offer. I went to the swimming pool at the tower wing and the pool was well-maintained with a nice view of the KL Regional Arbitration Centre and the skyscrapers. There is another pool at the Majestic wing, which I did not went to.

The gym is located beside the pool and it is well-equipped. It has the same equipments as Fitness First with TV screen on each equipment. The best part is they provide apples and mineral water for the visitors.

I walked to the Majestic wing and they have the reading room and other rooms which I did not check because it felt so majestic at the Majestic wing and I was humbled by the ambience.

In short, Majestic Hotel is as majestic as its name. Though the price is expensive (the cheapest would be around RM600+ / night), the price compensates the comfort, the ambiance and the feel of staying in a 5-star upscale luxury hotel.


Majestic Hotel is a 5-star hotel situated at  5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

T: +6 03 2785 8000    |   E:

For further inquiries or booking, kindly visit here.

Rating (Maximum 5 stars):

  • Value for money: 5stars
  • Location: 5 stars
  • Customer service: 5 stars
  • Security: 4.5 stars
  • Cleanliness: 5 stars
  • Facilities: 5 stars
  • F&B:  5 stars





I would like to thank for giving me the oppotunity to stay at this hotel. All the contents/reviews are of my personal views. Where To Stay‘ is the series for accommodation reviews by Kaki Jalans. 

14 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – Where to Stay

  1. Was your stay in the old or new building? I’d love to check out the old building (if it still has rooms) and experience how it was like to stay in a 100-year old bedroom, complete with spooky encounters!

    1. I stayed at the tower wing i.e. the new building. I did walk to the majestic wing but it felt so majestic and I did not walk further. haha

    1. Serius kak Izat??

      Takutnya!! Hahah Nasib duduk tower wing!

      Mestilah bawak balik. Tapi punya lah sayang nak pakai (wangiiii sangat) sampai sekarang tak habis lagi.

      Dah tengok kat Astro! Sedihhhhhh!!

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