#projektanpanama: Sahur 2015 – Updates

Alhamdulillah. ‪#‎projektanpanama‬: Sahur 2015 went very well.

We left Shah Alam at around 12.00 am and arrived in Kuala Lumpur about half an hour later. By 1.00 am, we started distributing the food that we have packed earlier on.

We managed to distribute 170 packets of food consisting of KFC Colonel Burger, Fries, an apple, mineral water and Dutch Lady milk to the homeless around SEGi College area, Cahaya Suria, Pudu, Petaling Street and SunLife area.

There were a lot of other groups giving food and other supplies to the homeless but there were a lot more of homeless people in the city than we have ever imagined.

There was one incident that touched me personally.

When distributing food at Petaling Street area, we encountered a husband and wife, sleeping on the street. They were from Desa Pandan if I am not mistaken, but for whatever reason only known to them, they chose to live on the street. We couldn’t help but to think, this couple must have children, so where are they?

The program has also opened our eyes regarding the homeless situation in Kuala Lumpur. We were all first timers in doing this, and we were all shocked to see the numbers. It was such a heart breaking scene.

I really hope that we are not helping them only during Ramadhan but also during other days and months, insyaAllah.

As for now, we will do a post-mortem on the project. InsyaAllah, we will come back with other #projektanpanama in the near future. Please pray for our istiqamah in this.

Thank you to all contributors and to those who volunteered last night. May we gained some lessons from our experiences and may Allah bless us all.


Update on ‪#‎projektanpanama‬

Alhamdulillah, last night we went to survey the areas to distribute the food & drinks to the needy around Kuala Lumpur.

We went to Chow Kit area, Kota Raya, Cahaya Suria, Maybank tower, Pudu, among others. When we arrived at SEGi College area, a bus load of students from UNITEN and a group of Islamic Relief volunteers helped out to distribute food and clothings around the area.

The scene was a sad one. Little that we know, in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur with modern skyscrapers and big houses, there are a lot of homeless people, struggling to find shelter and food for themselves.

InsyaAllah, tonight we will distribute the food to the homeless at the areas which we have surveyed last night. And hopefully, we will continue to help them, the people in need.

Every time we lay on our comfortable bed, always remember that there will be people who sleep on a piece of cardboard. Alhamdulillah for everything that we have.

“Live to Give”
“Let’s inspire”



Alhamdulillah, thank you for your generosity, your contributions and your support, it means a lot to us. The contributions that we received are way beyond our expectation, masyaAllah.

Yesterday, we had the first meeting for the project and we have decided that the Iftar project will be changed to Sahur project, so that the targeted recipients will receive the benefit of the project.

Since the contributions are so overwhelming, we will also use the contributions received for other good causes especially during this month of Ramadhan, details of which will be made known further.

We have also engaged 1Charity and Projek Kaseh4U, among others, to consult us and ensure that there will be no overlapping and wastage from this project (thanks Danial Ariff for the heads up).

As for those who want to help out, meet us at Pasar Seni Parking Lot (subject to change) at 12.30 am tomorrow (early Sunday, 12 July 2015).

We thank you for your support and may Allah bless us all, insyaAllah.

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