Visit Malaysia: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – Sunway Line

If you have follow this blog for quite some time, you might know that I am actually a strong believer of public transportation system. I have rambled before on how Malaysia’s public transportation system especially train services need to be overhauled to attract more Malaysians to use them. In fact, I went to Chiling river with my family by taking the KTM Komuter train.

I have also tried all modes of urban public transportation in the Klang Valley, until RapidKL launched the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Sunway Line. Being a believer of public transportation system, I told myself that I should try this new product by RapidKL especially since they are providing this service for free for two months.

The BRT Sunway Line connects USJ 7 to Setia Jaya, where USJ 7 station interchanges with the future USJ 7 LRT Kelana Jaya Line station and the Sunway-Setia Jaya BRT Station connects passengers to Setia Jaya KTM Komuter train station.

Recently, I had the chance to use the service from USJ 7 to Sunway and for me, the service was great. The BRT Sunway Line uses the same ticketing system with other RapidKL services, thus eliminating the need to buy multiple and different tickets.

Apart from that, the BRT Line uses electric bus which is quieter and greener. I also love the fact that the bus has LED info system to let passengers know what are the next stations and the announcement made was clear. To my surprise, the service was punctual and buses arrived every 5 minutes or so, in accordance to the time stated on the LED info screen at the station’s platform.

I would say that riding the BRT feels like riding on the LRT except that it uses a bus instead of a train. Plus, since it is elevated (RapidKL claimed that this is Southeast Asia’s first elevated BRT system), there was no traffic jam throughout my ride and the view from above was awesome.

So, if any of you want to go to Sunway Pyramid shopping mall for your shopping spree, want to have fun at Sunway Lagoon, is looking for medical services at Sunway Medical Centre, try riding on the BRT. A great effort from RapidKL to improve public transportation system in the Klang Valley, definitely.

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away

-R. Kelly, I Believe I Can Fly

4 thoughts on “Visit Malaysia: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – Sunway Line

  1. This are the kind of public transport system that I really look forward. Hopefully, they will enhance and practice the same system in the city centre and some other big town macam Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and others too!

    1. Zaraaa!! Feel like ages sinces we last met!

      I’ve heard that BRT Line 2 is in the pipeline, connecting KL and Klang, passing through PJ and Shah Alam.

      However, it is not elevated as Sunway Line, instead it will be higher just by a bit from the current Federal Highway and it will be built along the Highway too.

  2. waaa macam di jakarta je ada BRT tapi nih bus tak dijalan raya tapi di flyover,
    tak seramai LRT atau public transportation lainnya ya khai, atau mungkin masih baru..

    1. Haah bro Dede macam di Jakarta.. Untuk Sunway Line ini jalannya di flyover tapi sekarang dalam perancangan untuk Line 2. Line 2 saya kira macam di Jakarta atas jalan raya.

      Iya, masih tak berapa ramai. Tempoh hari balik kerja saya guna BRT tapi tidak terlalu ramai. Mungkin sebab masih baru.

      Tapi, gratis!

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