#tsbreakaway: Paragliding @ Bukit Jugra – I Believe I Can Fly

This is an article of my experience doing paragliding at Bukit Jugra, Selangor, the best spot to do paragliding in Selangor


No matter what problems we are facing, we just have to be patient, and believe that things are going to be fine.

Some had given up with the current state Malaysia is in. Development which destroys the forests. Rubbish issues. Crimes. Corruption. You name it.

Some might have personal problems. Financial, family, relationship.

It is part of the journey in our life. And life is about the journey.

If there are no problems in our life, if we are having a stress-free life, life is dull. And life is definitely not a dull routine.

#TSBreakAway is more than a fun [read: free] travelling across Selangor. It is more than writing what you see, do or eat* throughout the program. It is more than that. It is a program which makes you think, analyze, adapt and learn lessons from the program that Tourism Selangor had planned. It is a journey of a lifetime.

The convergence of like-minded people for the program is a bless. We came from different backgrounds but we all have our fair share of problems deep in our heart. And when it comes to Malaysia, we all think the same. We want to change the situation from a love-hate relationship, to loveship, as Jessie puts it. We want outsiders to come and experience what this nation has to offer.

And although we had known each other only for 5 days, we are comfortable to seek advice from each other. Asking about how to face challenges in life. Obstacles in life.

Obstacles in life.

We think we can’t do it, we think we can’t face it, but when we have faith, that things are going to be alright, we will survived. Just be patient. Sometimes, miracles do happened.

Just like paragliding.

I never knew I could fly, except when I am a passenger in an airplane. I was so damned nervous whilst waiting for my turn to para-glide from the peak of Bukit Jugra in Banting, on the 4th day of #TSBreakAway.

As Bukit Jugra is situated towards the end of Sungai Langat facing the Straits of Malacca, it was difficult to para-glide from there. We had to wait for the correct wind to fly.

We waited.

An hour, two hours, three hours….

Still, no sign of the right wind.

Some had given up, thinking “Yeah, this is the end of it”. Some waited patiently and hold on to their faith; that the right wind will come.

Finally, after 4 hours of waiting, the right wind was there [against the wind forecast]. And we were able to fly. Miracle, as Captain Ikhwan and Kak Orked, the owners of the place said.

Then, when my turn came, a lot of obstacles occurred.

Initially, I was teased by Captain Ikhwan, who conducted the tandem glide, by asking me to run down the hill, when in fact, I was not attached to the harness yet. 

It was silly. But funny. :D  [Credit to my brother, RaW for the video :)]

And then, there was no wind at all. A moment later, the GoPro’s memory card was full. When the wind came, the rope of the fabric wing tangled.

I almost gave up. With sweat all over my body, the thought of giving up was there. But I still have faith. I believe I can fly and I will fly.

Suddenly, Captain shouted, “Ready to take off!”.

That was the most amazing phrase of the day for me. Finally.

With faith and patience, I flew.

Paragliding – it is just like our life. No matter what we are facing, have faith and be patient. One day, miracles will happen. And thank you to #TSBreakAway, it helped all of us explorers to realize that life is more than a dull routine. It helped us face our obstacles. Helped us think and see Selangor beyond mere travelling.

#TSBreakAway, definitely a journey of a lifetime

*But if you go paragliding at Bukit Jugra, do try Kak Orked’s nasi lemak. The best!


Interested to paraglide at Flight Park @ Jugra:

Captain Ikhwan: +6 014 718 7826

Facebook: Persatuan Luncur Udara Malaysia


Thank you to Tourism Selangor for organizing the event, Canon for the camera loaned to me, Captain Ikhwan for the tandem glide, Kak Orked for the fabulous nasi lemak, and each and everyone who had contributed to the awesome experience. Check out http://tsbreakaway.my for further info.

This article is also published on VirtualMalaysia.com


-This is the final entry, entry #5 for #TSBreakAway-

13 thoughts on “#tsbreakaway: Paragliding @ Bukit Jugra – I Believe I Can Fly

      1. Not embarrassed anymore. Absolutely a good memory! I can tell to my children “daddy was teased during 1st attempt to paraglide” hahaha

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