#TSBreakAway Contest: What Does Travelling Mean To You?

Tourism Selangor is having a contest called as the #TSBreakAway contest. The contest is open to anyone who is living in Malaysia [not necessarily a Malaysian], with an existing blog and a valid passport, keen to learn something new, love adventure and sociable.

The prize? Well, if you are damn lucky, you could walkaway with RM 10,000.00!

check out this page for further info: http://tsbreakaway.my/

As for me, I am not a good video editor and I only owned a compact digital camera, but I decided to make a short video which will answer the question, “What Does Travelling Mean To You?”

12 thoughts on “#TSBreakAway Contest: What Does Travelling Mean To You?

  1. Awesome entry! I’m still working on my piece but it’s definitely nothing like yours. I’m terrible in video editing and all those techno-stuffs. I want to learn though. Haha…

    All the best!

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