Cuti-Cuti Malaysia @ Melaka, the Historic City of the Straits of Malacca…

Yesterday, I went to Melaka. My first visit since the city been declared a UNESCO Heritage Site and a developed state. My last visit to Melaka was in 2008 but yesterday was my first in several senses.

1. First visit to the Stadhuys. Ticket RM 5.

2. First time at Jonker Street.

3. First visit to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall.

4. First time I had the famous ‘Ikan Bakar’  @ Parameswara, Umbai.

The Stadhuys visit was fun though exhausting. The complex is so big and the RM  5 ticket price is completely worth it. I think we really need to have an educational trip sometimes because it’s fun in its own way!

Jonker Street is famous for its food. But since my visit was during weekdays, some restaurants were closed. And because it was weekdays, the shops closed at 5.30 pm. The street became so quiet by then. By the way, it was amazing to find Makam Hang Kasturi sandwiched between the shoplots.

Went to Dataran Pahlawan for lunch because the weather was so hot and some air-conditioning was needed. No bull- cart there but instead there was [and still is] a huge shopping mall there. Had ‘asam pedas ikan pari’ set meal at the food court. The taste is okay but the price is a bit pricey. RM 7.50.

Went to Umbai for dinner. When I went there in 2008, I ate at stall no.3. But yesterday tried Parameswara because a lot of people seemed to go there. My verdict: The foods were nice. A little bit better than stall no.3, but Port Klang’s better. Nevertheless, the price is not. RM 9 for a plate of ‘Kailan Ikan Masin’? Adoi..huhu.

Overall, the trip was fun and I learned a lot of our country history. Because it was like an expansion to the PMR and SPM syllabus. That’s why a visit to Melaka means a visit to Malaysia! Haha..

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8 thoughts on “Cuti-Cuti Malaysia @ Melaka, the Historic City of the Straits of Malacca…

    1. Of course. Haha. Serius bang. Saya ingat nanti bila anak2 saya dah besar ;p, nak selalu bawak diorang pergi tempat2 bersejarah macam ni. Takdela enjoy kosong je. Haha. Biar ada pengisian sikit. Cewah! Huhu..

      Nanti bila nak bawak Qaid pergi Melaka bagitau la. Bleh Uncle Khai tumpang sekaki. Hahah..

  1. Owe… Melaka always impress me with it’s unique architecture.. foods.. ethnicity.. :D
    Jonker Street :- Never ever miss this place.. A must place to visit especially to visit the terompah maker and Private museum :P
    Asam Pedas:- I can’t remember the stall that I went to. But absolutely not in a resto!

    1. haha. it was my first time at jonker street. and i saw the terompah but not the maker ;p.

      n bro, pls pls pls remember where is the best asam pedas. coz i really wanna taste it..huhu

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